To the officers and members of the Newland-Wood Fire Company:

            I wish to obtain active membership in the Newland-Wood Fire Company of the Stillwater Fire Department.  I have answered all of the questions on this application to the best of my ability.  I attest by my signature below that all of the information on this application is true.

(Please Print Information)


Membership Status:  Active Firefighter          Junior Firefighter           Social/Support Class


Name:  __________________________________________________________________

                                                (Last)                                                      (First)                                                     (M.I.)


Address:           ____________________________________________________________

                                                (Street)                                   (City)                      (State)                    (Zip Code)


Contact Numbers:     _____________________________________________________

                                                (Home)                                   (Cell)                                       (Other)


How long have you resided at the above address?    Years: ________  Months: ________


How long have you resided in New York State?       Years: ________  Months: ________


Are you 18 years of age or older?    Yes: ____        No:____  If NO, state your age: ____

Is additional information about a change in your name or your use of an assumed name or nickname necessary to enable a check on your eligibility for membership?

Yes: ____    No: ____  If YES, explain: ________________________________________________________________________








Are you currently employed?                Yes: _______  No: _______


If YES, please give employer information below.  May we contact your employer as a reference?          Yes: ______ No: _______


Name of Company: _______________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________  Telephone: _________  


Do you have a valid New York State Drivers License? Yes: _______  No: _______


Please indicate your availability to participate in normally required fire department activities (meetings, training drills, emergency calls):

            Week Days:                 Days: _______ Evenings: _______       Nights: _____


                Weekends:                   Days: _______ Evenings: _______       Nights: _____


Previous emergency services experience (include only fire, rescue, police, or EMS agencies):

       Name of Agency: ___________________________________________________


       Address: __________________________________________________________


       Contact Person: ____________________________   Telephone: ______________


Have you ever been a member of the United States Armed Forces? Yes: __ No: ___

            If yes, did you receive a dishonorable discharge?                  Yes: __ No: ___

Note: Dishonorable discharge is not an absolute bar to membership.  This and other factors will effect a final membership decision.

Please provide service branch and dates: _________________________________


Have you ever been convicted or pled guilty to a felony, misdemeanor, insurance fraud, arson, or a reduction of these offenses?


 Yes: ___No: ___   If yes, please provide further details:_____________________________________________________












Please list three personal references, other than members of this organization, who you have known for at least three years:


            Name: _________________________    Telephone #: ______________


            Address: __________________________________________________


            Name: _________________________     Telephone #:_______________


            Address: ___________________________________________________


            Name: _________________________      Telephone #: _______________




Please list the names of any acquaintances that are members of this organization:_______________________________________________




OSHA regulations require that you pass a physical examination before becoming an interior structural firefighter.  The department’s designated physician will provide you a free medical examination.  Will you be willing to undergo a medical examination?

            Yes: _______  No: _______


Within the Freedom of Information Law, all information contained/or obtained herein will remain confidential and will be used only for internal membership processing.


            In witness whereof, this application has been subscribed this __________ day of ______________, 20____ by the undersigned applicant who

           affirms that the statements made herein are true under penalties of perjury.


Applicant Signature: ____________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature (if 16-18 years of age): ____________________________


Witnessed By: _____________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____




Privacy Notification


Section 94 of the Public Officers Law (Personal Privacy Protection Law) requires that you be notified of the following facts when information which will be maintained in a record system is collected from you.


The authority to request and confirm personal information on you is found in Article 6 of the Executive Law.


The information obtained will:

Be used to determine your qualifications for the position for which you are applying;

Be released to the fire chief and your personal supervisors; and

Be maintained in your personnel file (if you become a fire company member) or in our resume file for six months (if you are not a fire company member).


Failure to provide the information or authorization will result in your application not being considered for membership.


The information will be maintained by the secretary of the Newland-Wood Fire Company at 1 School Street, Stillwater, New York 12170 (518-664-3716).



Department Disclaimer:

            The information presented on this application will be reviewed by the fire company at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  At that time the application will be tabled for 30 days to allow for a further investigation of the applicant.  That investigation consists of a meeting between the company trustees and the applicant; a license check on the applicant’s driver’s license will be completed by the Village of Stillwater Clerk; and an Arson Background Check will be completed by the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department.  Following the 30 days of review, department members will vote to approve or not to approve the membership application at their next regularly scheduled meeting.  If approved the fire chief will present the application to the Village of Stillwater Board of Trustees at their next regular meeting.  At that time, with final approval from the Board of Trustees, the fire chief or secretary will notify the applicant of his acceptance into the fire department.    











Secretary’s Endorsement:

            This application accompanied by the initiation fee of $10.00 was read at the regular meeting held of the ____________ day of __________, 20_______.  The prospective member, being in good standing, was referred to the trustees for approval.


Trustees Report:

            The trustees report that they have inquired into the character and competence of the above candidate and have recorded their comments below.


            Trustee _________________________          ACCEPT                     REJECT


            Trustee _________________________          ACCEPT                     REJECT


            Trustee _________________________          ACCEPT                     REJECT


            Trustee _________________________          ACCEPT                     REJECT


This application was read and voted upon at the regular meeting held on _________day of ___________, 20_____.  The candidate was ACCEPTED/REJECTED for membership by the members present. 


Secretary’s Signature: __________________ Date: ___________