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The Stillwater Fire Station School Street Stillwater N.Y.

E-59-3 1987 American Eagle carries 500 gallons of water with a 1500 GPM pump


ETA-59-4 1997 International Engine Tanker 1000 gpm pump 1500 gal tank w/quick dump and 2000 gal portable tank

F-59-5 Ford 4x4 2005 wilde fire apparatus mfg.

F-59-2 Ford 4 x 4 crew cab pickup

plaque on the 1871 Button Steamer

1871 Button Steamer built by the Button Fire Engine Company of Waterford N.Y.

First purchased by the Troy N.Y. Fire Dept. and was refurbished in 1886 by the Button Fire Engine Company

1886 purchased by the Stillwater Fire Dept. N.Y. where it has remained and was again restored in 2002 by the Wilde Fire Equip, Company of Mayfield N.Y

1871 Button Steamer housed in our station